Thanksgiving Wishes to All

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To all my loyal subscribers, readers and supporters,

As I sit down to write to you, it is already Thanksgiving “Eve.” Many of you have left the office, some of you are at the grocery store picking up those last minute items and others are in the kitchen putting together Thanksgiving dinner for friends and family. A lucky few are simply relaxing and waiting for tomorrow to head off to someone else’s house. If you are among the latter, don’t forget to take something with you for the host.  Perhaps you offered to bring a dish, the wine or even the centerpiece. Just be sure that you don’t arrive empty-handed and that your host knows what you are bringing.

Most of all whether you are entertaining in your own home or being someone else’s guest, remember to have a heart full of gratitude. That is of course the essence of this holiday. When I began to write this blog post, I intended to publish a list of all that I have to be grateful for. However, as I made my list, it grew to the size of a small book and not an article. Maybe I will make that my next book.

I urge you all to take a few minutes to create a list of all the people and things in your life for which you are grateful.  You might be surprised how long it will be.

For now I will close by saying I am grateful for all of you who read my articles, blogs and newsletters, for all who support me by purchasing my products and for those of you who hire me to speak and train your staff or the members of your organization. You allow Manners That Sell to exist and to thrive, and you allow me to follow my passion for etiquette and manners.

My gratitude to you and my best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving,



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