Business Etiquette and Modern Manners

Do you know the secret to getting ahead in business whether it is landing the job of your dreams, getting that next big promotion or dealing the deal with a client?  If you think the answer lies in your skills, education and expertise, you would be partially right. All are important, not to be overlooked; but studies have proven that the key to success lies in interpersonal skills.

A basic understanding and practice of workplace manners and professional conduct in the workplace—or the combination of all three—will result in extreme customer service, repeat clients and higher profits.

Lydia Ramsey, with over three decades as an international business etiquette and modern manners expert, is just the person who can help you and your organization develop the soft skills needed to outclass and outlast your competition.  Her business etiquette courses provide the tools to take your business to the next level.

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Lydia’s mantra, “Business etiquette is about relationships; not about rules” is the cornerstone of her presentations. Whether she is dealing with organizations, teams or individuals, her focus remains on the art of personal presentation and individual interaction.

She customizes her training to her clients’ unique needs through interviews and detailed research.  Her southern charm and humor make her presentations engaging, fun and memorable.

Clients come to her for help:

  • Creating positive first impressions
  • Exhibiting professional courtesy
  • Communicating clearly and politely in person and online
  • Dressing for success whatever the situation
  • Dining for profit in the business world
  • Networking with confidence
  • Understanding etiquette in the complex world of social media

Who benefits from working with Lydia?

  • Front line staff
  • Sales teams
  • Customer service representatives
  • Job seekers
  • New hires
  • Rising leaders

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What Clients have to say…

“I have had the pleasure of attending two of Lydia Ramsey’s Etiquette Programs and they have been the best investments of my professional career. Not only are Lydia’s courses extensive, but she demonstrates how one should act in a proper manner without being pretentious. These courses have provided me with the requisite social skills for successfully navigating all-important business lunches and dinners with confidence. Simply put, Lydia’s programs are terrific!”

Dr. Richard J. Chacon
Department of Sociology & Anthropology
Winthrop University