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Manners That Sell: Adding The Polish That Builds Profits

mannersHow can you guarantee a well-run meeting? What are the biggest e-mail mistakes? How casual is “business casual”? When it comes to cellular phones, what is the difference between good business and bad manners?

Questions like these persist because manners still matter. Proper manners, etiquette, and interpersonal skills are as crucial to success as are innovative products and services. In this comprehensive guide to mastering everything from professional relationships and correspondence to business attire and luncheons, Lydia Ramsey, an authority on business protocol and propriety, provides hundreds of invaluable suggestions to master good manners in any business setting.

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Lydia Ramsey’s Little Book of Table Manners: 85 Tips for Dining for Success

Have you ever wished that you had paid closer attention to your mother when she told you how to eat your soup and butter your bread? Well, Lydia Ramsey is not your mother, but she has compiled a list of 85 tips for dining for success. It’s all your mother ever told you and more in an easy-to-read format.

The next time you are stuck wondering which fork to use, how to eat your pasta or what to do with that olive pit in your mouth, pick up Lydia Ramsey’s Little Book of Table Manners for the answer. Whether you are trying to impress your boss, win over a potential client or make a hit with your new in-laws, this handy little guide to table manners is a must.

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Business Etiquette 101 – Telephone Courtesy

Presenting a professional image on the telephone is an important business skill that is often overlooked. A telephone call is normally the first point of contact a customer will have with your business. It is critical that this first point of contact creates an outstanding first impression.

Business etiquette expert and professional speaker Lydia Ramsey will help you develop a strong set of excellent telephone skills that will give you the edge over your competition. Making sure that you have the right tools when communicating with customers or clients is the goal of this book.

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Essential Business Etiquette – How to Conduct Yourself like a Polished Professional Whatever the Situation – Video Course

business etiquetteWould you like to:

  • Learn how to create a lasting positive first impression?
  • Polish your communication skills so you can get that dream job or next promotion?
  • Use the Internet to develop relationships?
  • Learn how to effectively communicate using the telephone?
  • Dress professionally for every occasion?
  • Dine in a business environment?
  • Network with polish to build relationships online and in person?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then Business Etiquette Essentials is the course you want to take. Presented primarily in video format you will learn everything you need to know to get the job or promotion or to grow your business and the bottom line. You will build better and longer-lasting relationships. In addition, you will feel more confident than you ever have no matter what the business setting.

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