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Eating Spaghetti – To Twirl or Not To Twirl

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iStock_000013117576_MediumTo twirl or not to twirl is the question when eating spaghetti. The question is always the same, but the answers are all over the map. After much research, it appears that the response depends on whom you ask.

The obvious source to go to would seem to be an Italian. However, Italians can’t agree on what process to follow when eating spaghetti.  Some say that it depends on whether you are from Northern Italy or Southern Italy. Truth be told, most Italians are of the same mind: you never use a spoon for eating spaghetti, and it has nothing to do with the geography of Italy. The general consensus is that the use of a fork plus a spoon for eating pasta is for children, amateurs and people with bad table manners in general.

Here is a collection of thoughts about how you should tackle those pesky long strands of pasta:

  • You never twirl spaghetti against a spoon unless one has been given to you for that purpose. If no spoon is provided, don’t ask for one.
  • If you choose to twirl, take a small amount of spaghetti and twirl it clockwise with your fork against the side of your plate or bowl, being careful not to leave any dangling pieces of pasta.
  • If you choose to cut your pasta, use the side of your fork, not a knife and fork. It is a huge no-no to cut all your pasta with knife and fork before settling down to eat.
  • At a business meal, unless you are a master twirler, use the cutting with a fork approach.
  • With family and friends, it’s up to you. However, when eating spaghetti, slurping should be your last choice, no matter where, when or with whom.

How to approach eating spaghetti may never be resolved, but if you are looking for a great resource on table manners, my Little Book of Table Manners is available.

Photo from Savannah magazine

Photo from Savannah magazine

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