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No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded

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business etiquetteToday I made my semi-annual trek to Sam’s Club to lay in supplies for the last half of the year. I try not to go any more often because I am not a fan of warehouse stores. I do appreciate good savings.

A close friend and I make this trip together and then treat ourselves to a nice lunch in a calm environment afterwards. Come to think of it, it has turned out to be such an entertaining adventure that we might even consider going quarterly.

After piling our carts high with all the bargains we could manage, we headed for the checkout. She fell behind so when I picked out what I strategically thought would be the quickest line, a young man followed in behind me and then my friend took her place. When I glanced back at the man’s cart, I saw that he only had four or five items. I invited him to go ahead of me. For a moment we played the “Are you sure? Yes, I’m sure” game, but he acquiesced and accepted my offer.

As he was checking out, he looked back at me and said, “Do you like cupcakes?” Silly question. Who doesn’t? He invited me by his store for a free cupcake. His “cupcakerie” it seems was just around the corner and has only been open a month. It coincidentally was just a few doors from where we had planned lunch. Continue reading