Etiquette Tip of the Week – Elevator Etiquette

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If you work in a tall building, taking the elevator or the lift is inevitable. People take it for granted, making it the site of some of the most common etiquette blunders you’ll ever encounter in the workplace.

These simple rules apply universally.

  1. Stand back and allow others to exit before you board.
  2. Hold the door for those hurrying to get on. Don’t stand idly by while the door shuts in someone’s face.
  3. Give people their personal space in an uncrowded elevator.
  4. Don’t call out your floor to the person standing nearest the buttons as if that person is the lift operator. If there is space to do so, press the button yourself.
  5. Avoid carrying on conversations, personal or business.
  6. If you are wearing a backpack, take it off and hold it in front of you so that it does not become a lethal weapon.
  7. Using your cell phone is an absolute “no-no.”  The elevator is not a phone booth.

Treat the elevator as an extension of your workplace, and behave as if your most important client is in there with you. Being polite in the office elevator is the first step in the right direction in workplace etiquette.

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