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Use Business Manners As A Marketing Strategy

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Have you ever considered that good manners should be part of your marketing strategy? Whether you are a big corporation or a single-person operation, you have to operate on a budget.  So how much should you or could you invest in marketing tools like mailers, brochures and paid ads?  All of those cost money.  The one thing you can do that doesn’t cost you anything and yet gives you high impact is practicing the essentials of business etiquette.

  1. Treat your current and potential customers with courtesy and respect.
  2. Treat your employees the same way.
  3. Train your employees in business etiquette techniques.
  4. Make good manners a priority.
  5. Include etiquette and manners in your written marketing strategy.

The most eye-catching ad or the fanciest brochure will not bring you as much business as showing courtesy, kindness and respect for others.  Word travels fast when people feel valued.  Try it and you will find that adding polish will build profits.  You can stand out from your competition by simply outclassing them.