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Etiquette Faux Pas: The Back-Handed Compliment or “Foot-in-Mouth Disease

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Have you ever received a back-handed compliment? Sure, you have. You know the one where someone is trying to say something nice, but it comes out backwards? When the person walks away, you are left wondering, “Am I supposed to feel good about that?” My all time favorite is one that we hear frequently. Just after getting your hair cut or a new style, someone looks at you and says, “Oh, your hair looks so much better.” You are left to ponder how bad did it look before.

My thoughts on this were prompted by a discussion among the anchor people on the Today Show. Al Roker cited an instance when he was recognized by a fan who said, “My, you look so much better in person.”  One of the female anchors mentioned having an encounter with someone who said, “Wow, you look so much thinner on TV.”

All of these were well-intentioned statements that backfired. Most of the people who made these remarks had no idea of their impact. So if you want to pay someone a compliment, make sure it is a compliment. Think about what you are about to say; in other words, be sure to engage your brain first.

If you want to say something nice about someone’s new hairstyle, the comment would be, “I love you new hairstyle. You look terrific.” Should you meet the TV celebrity (and who knows, it could happen), you might want to say, “You look just as wonderful in person as you do in front of the camera.”

Think before you speak so your well-intended remarks do not become the proverbial back-handed compliments. Part of being a polished professional is saying the right thing at the right time. Whether you are dealing with potential clients, existing ones or co-workers, what comes out of your mouth can have a lasting impact on your relationship.

I would love to hear from you if you have ever been the recipient of one these misspoken comments. What is your story? What verbal etiquette faux pas have you encountered? Just post your story in the box below and I will start a collection.

Here’s to keeping your feet on the ground and out of your mouth!

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