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On the Job Tips for the New Hire

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Make a good first impression on the job

Tips for the new hire. Why? Because starting a new job can be exciting and scary. The good news is that you have one. The goal is to keep it. Getting off on the right foot is often the challenge.

Whether you are going to work for the first time, taking a different position in the same organization or joining a new company, the role of the new hire isn’t easy. To begin with, you may encounter some unexpected attitudes from your coworkers. Some may be delighted with the choice to hire you while others may have wanted your new position for themselves. Following these simple rules of behavior when you start to work will help things go smoothly.

Listen more than you talk.

Don’t try to impress everyone with who you are and what you know. Ask smart questions, and then let others do the speaking. You will learn more this way about what you need to know to get along with others and to do your job well.

Treat everyone with the same courtesy and respect.

Don’t assume that you know who the most important people are. Everyone is of value to you because you are all part of a team. Keep an open mind about the people in the office. It takes a while on the job to figure out the critical alliances so go slowly in establishing relationships.

Steer clear of the office gossip.

This is a good rule to follow no matter how long you are on the job. Don’t even listen to the negative stories, let alone spread them. While you are gathering information about the organization and the personnel, be careful that the questions you ask are not perceived as personal. Showing an interest in your colleagues is different from prying into their private lives.

Be careful what you reveal about yourself. 

Some of your new co-workers will be curious about you and want to get to know you better right off the bat. If people are asking questions that go beyond your qualifications for or interest in your job, be thoughtful with your responses. When you reveal personal information about yourself to your co-workers, you are treading on dangerous turf.

 Ask for help when you need it.

No one expects you to know everything. If you try to act like you do, you are most likely to turn people off rather than impress them. People like to be needed so asking for assistance in the beginning is a positive way of building relationships. Even the office grump may feel flattered.

It takes time to assess a new workplace and to make appropriate decisions. If you proceed with caution, your judgments will be solid, your relationships positive and your career long.

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