Manners That Sell

Adding The Polish That Builds Profits

The revised and expanded edition of Manners That Sell – Adding the Polish that Builds Profits published by Pelican Publishing (2008)

In the world of business your manners matter more than you might think. It’s not your education and expertise that will take you to the top—it’s your interpersonal skills. The way you interact with people is your key to success. In this comprehensive guide which covers everything from professional relationships, business correspondence, workplace attire to table manners, Lydia Ramsey, offers invaluable suggestions for mastering good manners and professional courtesy in every business setting.

Filled with information about business handshakes, meeting courtesy, online etiquette, gift giving among clients and colleague, and getting along with your coworkers, Lydia provides hundreds of useful, practical suggestions for the veteran business professional and the novice alike.

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In Praise of Manners That Sell

“Manners That Sell is a must-read book for anyone, but especially for those who are employed. Lydia Ramsey discusses a wide breadth of topics in her book. She leaves no subject regarding etiquette and manners untouched.

College students who are about to take their first position in the workplace would have a competitive advantage by reading this book cover to cover.

This book should be regarded as a contemporary classic. Modern in its frank discussion of proper protocol in today’s electronic and fast paced society, yet classic in the traditions that have remained constant in our culture for centuries. Sprinkled with a touch of humor, this book is easy to read. Each chapter segments particular subjects, allowing the reader to find answers to specific questions within minutes.

Keep this book around as a reference. One never knows when the occasion will come when you need to know the proper thing to do.”

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