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Is Your Business Etiquette Ready for the Holidays?

Everywhere you turn this week and last13-0811-Lydia-Ramsey-eBook-Cover-230x300[1], somebody somewhere is reminding you that summer is over. Fall is here, no matter what the temperature is where you are, and it is time to focus on work. There is no more serious vacation time until the holiday season arrives. And, folks, it will be here before you know it. Therefore my advice for you is to prepare now.

That may sound a bit far-fetched, but trust me, there are certain things you need to be doing. I haven’t seen any holiday decorations up yet, but I am willing to bet one of you has–and I don’t mean those icicle lights that some people put up five years ago and haven’t bothered to take down.

Is your business etiquette ready for the holidays? What do you need to do now to prepare for the season?

Step 1: Order that special holiday greeting card for your business this month. You will want to have the name of your company and your name printed on it. You will want to make sure that the quality of your card speaks to the quality of your business and the value of your customer. And keep in mind that the polished professional always signs each card personally—even those with the name printed on them.

Step 2: Review and update your address list. Make corrections for people who have moved on or changed their name or address. Add the names of your new clients.

Step 3: If you can get the envelopes before the cards come in (not possible if you have your return address printed on them), start to address them. Better yet, assign that task to someone else, preferably someone with an attractive handwriting. You are not going to use those computer-generated labels that are so impersonal.

Step 4: Decide on an appropriate gift that you want to give your special clients and order now. If you have any doubt about your company’s policy on gifts or your clients’ policy, this is the time to check that out.

Step 5: If you will be planning a holiday party for your employees or perhaps your clients, you might want to select the venue now before some other business professional beats you to your ideal location.

If you take care of these five steps now, you will be amazed how much less stress you will feel when the holidays hit.

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Lydia Ramsey is a leading business etiquette and modern manners expert who offers seminars, keynote speeches, webinars and individual coaching. She works with corporations, associations, colleges and universities as well as individuals.

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