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Romance in the Office

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As usual in the month of February office romance becomes a hot topic. This is not to say that relationships between co-workers do not exist during the other eleven months of the year.  Consider how many hours people spend in the workplace and how closely they interact with those who share the same space and duties.

Years ago workplace romance was strictly forbidden.  No one would consider dating a co-worker or if they did, they knew that their job would be at risk.  There was the saying that “You don’t go fishing in the company pond.”

Times have changed and most companies do not have rules or policies that speak to this issue.

Here are a few tips for managing office romance in a professional manner and for allowing you to preserve your career.

1. Check to see what the company policy is about dating in the office.

2. Keep the relationship private.  Co-workers do not need to be aware or involved.

3. Avoid any physical contact in the office. Even your body language can give you away.

4. If you choose to send flowers or other gifts to your heart throb, send them to the home. Otherwise you might as well put up a neon sign.

5. Talk about how you will handle things if the romance ends.

6.  Keep your relationship off line.  Do not send messages via e-mail since e-mail is never private or confidential and can live on long after the romantic fire dies out.

7.  Don’t even consider sharing messages or photos on sites such as Face Book.

8.  Stay out of any relationship with your supervisor or boss.

9.  Use common sense, discretion and good manners when you venture into an office romance.

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