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Networking Tips That Work For The Holidays Too!

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  1. When attending a networking event do your homework. Find out the purpose of the event and who is likely to attend.
  2. If a response to a networking event is requested, check your calendar and reply immediately. Let your host know if your plans change.
  3. Think of how you will introduce yourself to others at a networking event and rehearse your lines.
  4. If a networking event includes a meal sit with people you don’t know rather than your best friend or the crew from the office.

At any business event handle the exchange of business cards discreetly. Don’t just pass them around the room.

Office Party Tips Just In Time For The Holidays

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  1. Office parties can be fun or a chore.  Don’t even consider NOT going unless you have a justifiable conflict.
  2. Find out who else has been invited to the office party.  You need to be prepared to interact with anyone who attends.
  3. Always leave an office party at the time indicated by the invitation.  You don’t want to be thought of as a party animal.
  4. Never take your family to your office party unless they are specifically invited.
  5. Plan ahead for an office party with some good open-ended questions, you won’t have any trouble with conversations.
  6. Drink in moderation at the office party.  Alcohol and business rarely mix well so limit how much you consume.