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What to Consider When Sending Holiday Business Cards

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Now is the time when you should be sending out your holiday business cards. You can wait until the last minute if you like, but your clients and colleagues may already have left the office for the holidays or they may be too swamped at that point to notice your card.Send them now while they can be appreciated.

If you haven’t purchased them yet, it is not too late but you may not be able to have your name or the company’s printed on them. But that’s all right since my first recommendation is always to sign your name to every card along with a brief handwritten note. The holiday business card that comes without a personal note or message seems more obligatory than celebratory.

Purchase a quality card. It is not necessary to spend a fortune, but good quality says you value your clients and colleagues enough to “send the very best,” as Hallmark would say.

Address the envelopes by hand. While it is easier and faster to print address labels, you lose the personal touch.  Consider paying someone to do this for you if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

Invest in holiday stamps and avoid the postage meter.  That’s just one more personal touch and a festive one.

Use titles when addressing your cards. The holiday business card should be sent to “Mr. John Smith” not “John Smith” or “Ms. Mary Brown” not “Mary Brown.” By the way, “Ms. ” is the correct title to use in business.

Email greeting cards may be tempting because they require less time and trouble, however, that may be the message you are sending to the recipient. It is not rude to e-mail your holiday wishes, but it is not the most effective way to do it.  Your cute and clever electronic message with singing Santa’s and dancing trees is a fleeting greeting.  The recipient will click on the URL, download the card, open it, read it, smile, close it and, in all probability, delete it. Chances are good that your “real” card will have a longer lifespan.  Most people save greeting cards throughout the holiday season, and many display them around the office.

These tips on holiday business cards and many more are available in my newly released eBook, Business Etiquette For The Holidays. The book also addresses other topics such as how to conduct yourself at the office party, dining etiquette for the holidays, holiday gift-giving, a guide to tipping and the importance of the handwritten note.

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