Lydia Ramsey’s Little Book of Table Manners

Business DiningHave you ever wished that you had paid closer attention to your mother when she told you how to eat your soup and butter your bread? Well, Lydia Ramsey is not your mother, but she has compiled a list of 85 tips for dining for success. It’s all your mother ever told you and more in an easy-to-read format.

The next time you are stuck wondering which fork to use, how to eat your pasta or what to do with that olive pit in your mouth, pick up Lydia Ramsey’s Little Book of Table Manners for the answer. Whether you are trying to impress your boss, win over a potential client or make a hit with your new in-laws, this handy little guide to table manners is a must.

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In Praise of Lydia Ramsey’s Little Book of Table Manners…

“I ended up buying copies of Ms. Ramsey’s book for my sons after reading it myself. It is just the sort of “polishing” information, presented in a tidy format, that people in business, and everyday life in general, need to know but often these days are unsure about.” — E. H. Barrow