Business Etiquette for the Holidays

Business Etiquette For The HolidaysAre you worried about making mistakes during the holidays that will haunt you year round?

This is the time of the year when your professional conduct can help you to outclass and outlast your competition.  Do you feel confident about how to conduct yourself over holiday meals or at the office party? Are you sure of the correct protocol to follow in sending out greeting cards? Do you stress over the proper way to give and receive business gifts?

Stress no more!  Impress your clients and colleagues with your polished manners during the holiday season.  Purchase this comprehensive business etiquette guide to the holiday season by author Lydia Ramsey and you will have the tools to leave a  memorable impression that will last all year.

The table of contents include:

Chapter 1 – Holiday Greeting Cards
Chapter 2 – Surviving the Holiday Party
Chapter 3 – Dining Etiquette
Chapter 4 – Gift-Giving in Business
Chapter 5 – Thank You Notes – The Holiday Finale
Chapter 6 – Holiday Tipping Guide
Chapter 7 – Company is Coming to Visit
Chapter 8 – New Year’s Resolutions for the Polished Professional

For much less than your monthly coffee budget you can learn the tips and tricks that polished professionals use to make a good impression during the holiday season.  Follow the advice in this book and you will outshine and outclass your competition.  Order for your Kindle here.