Pay Attention to Your Online Presence

From Email Rules to Social Media Manners

In this world of technology, business communication takes place in a myriad of ways we never thought about just a few years ago. While meeting face to face with your clients and co-workers is the most effective means of creating and building relationships, it is not always possible to be there in person, close and up front.

From phone calls and text messages, to emails and social media sites, technology has given us countless ways to connect. However, along with this convenience comes an entirely new set of etiquette rules. The rules always follow the technology. Tech users may be savvy when it comes to the technology but are faced with the challenge of knowing which form of communication is most appropriate. Every medium is not suitable for all situations and for all clients and colleagues. It almost goes without saying that each medium, whether it is email, texting, messaging, phoning or social media, has its own set of rules.

From the small business owner to the corporate executive, it is critical to know the subtleties of online communication.  A business deal can be derailed when the proper format is not used, when the timing is wrong, when language is misunderstood and courtesy and respect are not present in the message.

Business growth depends on good customer service which in turn depends on good manners.

This presentation is intended for everyone in your organization who uses technology to communicate with clients and co-workers or spends any of the business day in front of a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Participants will learn:

  • How to use e-mail to enhance their professional image.
  • Why the subject line of an e-mail matters.
  • What forms of address to use with clients.
  • Ways to steering clear of online office wars.
  • When to reply by phone or in person.
  • Who decides whether to telephone, email, text or use social media.
  • The rules when texting.
  • The appropriate way to invite someone to connect with you on LinkedIn.
  • Polite responses to LinkedIn invitations.
  • Subtle ways to unfriend someone or delete a connection.
  • What to post and not to post.
  • How much to share online.
  • And much, much more.

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