Dine Like A Pro – Eat Like Your Career Depends On It

“What is your bread doing on my plate?”

You can have your cake and eat it, too. Just make sure it’s your cake and you’re using the right fork. This interactive business dining presentation conducted over a four-course meal arms you with a full menu of strategies that will have your clients eating out of your hand, so to speak. A lot of business is conducted over meals. Many a business deal has not closed and a job or a promotion has been lost because of poor table manners. And  you thought only your mother noticed. Learn how to confidently manage the meal every time you dine with a customer, potential client, supervisor, board member, or anyone who has an influence on your career or your business. The more confident you are about dining etiquette the more at ease you will be and better able to focus on the conversation instead of which fork to use.

Learn the answers to these questions:

  • What are my duties as a host—or a guest?
  • Who sits where?
  • Who orders first?
  • How much small talk is necessary before getting down to business?
  • What do I do with all these utensils?
  • Are there really rules for managing the napkin?
  • Is it all right to cut the salad?
  • Which  is my bread and butter plate?
  • What is the difference between the American and Continental styles of eating?
  • Do I pass to the left or the right—or does it matter?
  • What if I need to excuse myself from the table during the meal?
  • Are there certain foods to avoid at the business meal?

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