Perfume in the Workplace

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Eau de cologne, toilet water, perfume, after shave, deodorant or a shower and mild bath soap? Which is the right answer for the workplace? Should you show up for work smelling as if you hit the big weekend sale on perfume and after shave  at the local mall or should you reserve your favorite fragrance for after hours?  When it comes to the workplace, colognes and their fragrant friends have no place.

Many people have allergic reactions to perfumes.  There are signs in doctors’ offices, gyms and other public places asking that people limit the use of fragrances out of consideration for others.  The same should apply to the workplace. 

Personal hygiene and cleanliness are a must in business so a morning shower with a good soap or shower gel followed by the use of a deodorant should be part of your daily routine. Add to that freshly cleaned and pressed clothes, not the same ones you wore the day before, and you will make a pleasant and positive impression; one that doesn’t leave others gasping for air.

Follow the same routine after hours and weekends, but add your favorite fragrance to turn those special times into social occasions.

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2 thoughts on “Perfume in the Workplace

  1. venkatesh

    hi lydia,

    I used to get more sweat rather than normal person and i used to spray perfume which makes me more comfort when dealing with business..

    is that wrong

    1. Lydia Ramsey Post author

      Hi Venkatesh,

      Please accept my apology for not responding to you sooner. The comment you sent to my blog site got buried in all the holiday email. I am trying to clean out my inbox today and just found it. Here is my response to your issue, if you perspire a lot and have problems with body odor, sometimes adding perfume spray only makes it more obvious. I suggest bathing twice a day. Of course, you can’t do that during work. Use a good deodorant with anti-perspirant. Always start the day with a clean shirt. You could also reapply the deodorant halfway through the day.

      I hope that is helpful,



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