How about a Little Cell Phone Etiquette?

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Did you know that July is cell phone courtesy month?  Established as such in 2002, I have to admit that I haven’t seen many people practicing cell phone etiquette. Those of us who speak and write about business and personal etiquette are constantly harping on the use and abuse of cell phones.  We tend to preach to the choir.  Moreover I have decided that are two groups of cell phone users: the considerate ones and the totally oblivious ones.

Courteous cell phone users exhibit the following behaviors:

  • They turn off their phones in public places.
  • They lower their voice when they speak any where near other people.
  • They let others know if they have to take an urgent call and ask permission to leave their phones on.
  • They apologize when they ask permission.
  • They excuse themselves to receive calls.
  • They don’t check incoming calls in front of other people when the phone sends out an alert vibration.
  • They avoid using goofy ring tones.
  • They set their ring tones on low.
  • They respect when a business, an organization or an individual requests that cell phones be turned off.
  • They don’t insist on conversing on their cell phones when reception is poor.
  • They don’t drive, chew gum and talk on their cell phones all at the same time.
  • They don’t treat cell phones as essential body parts.

Inconsiderate cell phone users do just the opposite.

So how about a little cell phone courtesy this month and forever more?

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