Hosting a Business Meal Webinar

Hosting A Business Meal Webinar

Does the thought of hosting a business meal make you just a little bit queasy? After all, as the host, it is your responsibility to see that everything goes smoothly and that your guests are well-cared for and happy. This involves choosing the right location, the right time of day and the right food and beverages. From the time you meet your business guests until you exit the restaurant, you are in charge.

This 18 minute webinar covers everything you need to know to be a gracious, thoughtful and profitable host. You will learn:

  1. How to choose the perfect restaurant.
  2. Where to seat your guests.
  3. How to order the meal.
  4. How to make sure your guests order what they want.
  5. Manage alcohol with the meal.
  6. Order wine like a pro.
  7. When to talk business.
  8. Handle the check with ease.
  9. How to make a graceful exit.

This webinar will be delivered in a digital format available for download.

What Clients have to say…

“Lydia Ramsey was just great.  I have much to learn on etiquette dining and now have no excuse not to know any better after attending that luncheon.  This was enjoyed by all of us in Donor Relations! We even printed out Manner that Sell tips for dining success for us to read and abide by!”
Karen Locey


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