Business Etiquette 101 – Telephone Courtesy E-Book

business etiquettePresenting a professional image on the telephone is an important business skill that is often overlooked. A telephone call is normally the first point of contact a customer will have with your business. It is critical that this first point of contact creates an outstanding first impression.

Business etiquette expert and professional speaker Lydia Ramsey will help you develop a strong set of excellent telephone skills that will give you the edge over your competition. Making sure that you have the right tools when communicating with customers or clients is the goal of this book.

The table of contents include:

The Importance of Learning Business Telephone Etiquette
Winning Customers Over The Phone
Smiling So Others Can Hear
Is Your Voicemail Menu Customer Friendly?
Incredibly Unbelievable Responses
Who’s Calling, Please?
No More Guessing: Caller ID
Soothing The Unhappy Customer
Silencing The Cell Phone
Taking Your Phone To Work
Telephone Tips In A Nutshell
Rating Your Telephone Courtesy

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