Articles And Interviews Featuring Lydia Ramsey

Lydia’s business etiquette advice is frequently sought by newspapers and business journals. Here is a sampling of articles from various publications to which she has contributed. Articles will open in a new window. If you would like to interview or quote Lydia call 912-604-0080.

Networking requires more than your contact list
Business In Savannah

Email mistakes can cost you credibility, more
Business In Savannah

10 rules of flying etiquette for all travelers
Business In Savannah

12 tips for being healthy, polite during cold season
Business In Savannah

Where you sit can affect your career
Business In Savannah

The Write Stuff
Modern Woman

Holiday Planning Tips For The Business Owner
Business In Savannah

How to Write a Thank You Note After a Job Interview
Men’s Fitness

12 email mistakes that can sabotage your career
Business In Savannah

Good Manners Can Help You Charm Your Way to Business Success
Michigan Business Network

Instilling behaviors for great customer service across generations
Garden Center Magazine

10 Tips For Making The Most Of Your Holiday Work Party
Forbes Business

The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Networkers

Etiquette and Ethics: A Growing Problem in the Workplace
Nimble Blog

Holiday Business Etiquette Q & A
American Management Association

Choosing the right seat at the meeting table
Business in Savannah

What to consider when sending holiday cards
Business in Savannah

Are You Ready To Plan The Office Party?
Business in Savannah

9 Money Faux Pas to Avoid at Holiday Gatherings
U.S. News and World Report

Do You Keep Your Voicemail Greeting Up To Date?

I Want To Like You: Procrastinators
Real Simple

Listen Up For More Effective Communication Skills

Are flip-flops appropriate in the office?
Business In Savannah

We Have Fallen Into An Era Of Virtual Disrespect
Bitrix24: Blogs

Connect With Courtesy On LinkedIn
Business Info Guide

Five Sins In The Workplace
Business In Savannah

The Six Places Not To Put Your Hands In Business
Business Info Guide

Welcome to my funeral

Are Sales Reps in Pharma Hired Solely for Their Sex Appeal?
Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitor

Twelve Etiquette Tips For Physicians And Medical Staff
Self Growth

Schilling episode shows how we can throw trolls a curve
Orlando Sentinel

How not to stress over holiday tipping

At the office, who gets a holiday gift?
BBC Capital

Is your voice mail user friendly?

NImble Blog

Is The Handwritten Note A Lost Art?
Business Info Guide

EZRock Interview With Lydia Ramsey

Follow these rules of behavior and etiquette at the office party

A Dozen Email Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Career

Where you sit during meetings can affect your career
Business In Savannah

How to respond to a friend when their loved one has passed
Expert Beacon

A Guide To Tipping Apps
US News

Good Manners Help Professionals As They Meet And Eat

The top 12 email mistakes that can sabotage your career
Business in

How To Deal With A Bereaved Friend
The Times Of India

The etiquette of sympathy: What to do when coworker, client suffers a loss
Business In Savannah

Holiday Tipping:  Who to tip and how much
CNN Money

Holiday Business Etiquette Q&A
American Management Association

How Little Can Cash-Strapped Millennials Get Away With Spending This Holiday Season?

The etiquette of holiday gift giving within businesses
Savannah Morning News

Serving up Etiquette: Tips for Business Dining
Advisor Today

Top Twenty Experts Share Big Email Marketing Mistakes

Is the Handwritten Note Dead?
American Management Association

If You Really Want to Defy Conformity, Dress Up on Fridays
Wall Street Journal

How to make a good first impression in Asia

Audio Interview with Dan Surface
Monday Morning SuperCharge

Job Interview Etiquette

Sealing The Deal Over The Business Meal
Sales Training Advice

What’s Your Business EQ (Etiquette Quotient)?
American Management Association

Lessons In The Art Of The Meal
The Wall Street Journal

How To Apologize
Business Week

101 E-mail Etiquette
Worcester Business Journal

Business Etiquette with Marcia Pledger: Misdirected e-mail not your concern
Cleveland Ohio Business News

Control p’s + q’s

Advice for Maintaining Personal Boundaries Between Nonprofit Coworkers
Philanthropy Careers

How to survive the party game

Bulletin Board: Proper etiquette matters in the workplace
Bend Weekly

It’s their day: Make it special
The Province

Holiday Pressure Is All In The Cards
Phoenix Business Journal

Proper Etiquette Matters in the Workplace

First Impressions and Positive Personal Impact
Success Common Sense

Taking Time Off to Recharge Your Battery Even More Important These Days
The Ledger

Exit Etiquette
New York Magazine

Calling Card
Remodeling Hanley-Wood

Making Something Temporary Permanent
Jobs Central Community

New York Times
Cellphones Ringing at Home and at Work

Translating Body Language
Real Simple

Hot Under The Collar
Massage Therapy

More On Business Manners From Your Strategic Thinking Business Coach
Evan Carmichael Blog

How To Orchestrate A Graceful Exit

Etiquette of sympathy dead to many friends, coworkers
Savannah Morning News

Would you do that if the Queen were here?
The Prospecting Professor

Oh, Behave!

A Stand on Ceremony

Surviving The Holiday Office Party
Law Crossing

The Etiquette Of Business

Can we have some decorum around here, please?

“Kiss Your Khakis Goodbye!”
The Prospecting Professor

The Meaning Behind Manners
Savannah Morning News

Can We Have Some Decorum Around Here, Please?
Florida Times Union

Good Manners are Good for Business
The Phoenix Business Journal