“Lydia, It was such a pleasure meeting you Tuesday. We have received several phone calls as well as emails from ladies who loved your presentation. Your wonderful spirit for life, laughter and knowledge was warmly received and lovingly appreciated! May you continue to be blessed as you share your sunshine daily with those around you.”

Wendy Boyd
Administrative Assistant, Development

"Lydia Ramsey is a dynamic speaker, an experienced trainer and an expert in the field of business etiquette. I have had the pleasure of seeing her "in action" and appreciating her many skills. Without hesitation, I can recommend her services with a guarantee that the results will be pleasing and productive."

Nancy Williams
Columbus Women's Network

"In a fast food world where most of us have more experience eating from bags rather than fine china, the prospect of a formal business dinner can evoke more than a little anxiety! Lydia Ramsey's video "Dining for Profit" is a career-saver!

Business etiquette is probably most notable by its absence. Lydia Ramsey's video "Networking Magic" is perfect for ensuring the impression you make is the polished and professional one you intend to make!"

Lisa Smith Klohn, Ph.D
Psychological Consultant, SC Disability, Determination Services (DDS)

“Mrs. Bush was so pleased with meeting you and with the comfortable gathering you facilitated. My deepest regret is that we should have arranged you for an entire afternoon. We all have much to learn from you.

I look forward to your return to Tallahassee soon.”

Gail Campbell
Executive Assistant to the First Lady

“Ms. Ramsey, Thank you once again for the superb training on Customer Service. Everyone who attended the classes came away with many new ideas on how to better meet our customers expectations. They all seemed to really enjoy the class, which means that they will retain and use the great information you presented. Thanks again and we are all looking forward to your next column in the newspaper.”

Gary M. Seibert, PE
Chief, Information Management, US Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District

“Lydia, Here's to a successful event! Thank you for a job well done. We've had numerous students, faculty and staff to make positive comments about the evening. Most were so lost before attending your session. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you back here again soon.”

Sherry McAdams
Director, Career Center, University of South Carolina Upstate

Lydia, ”It was so good to see you again! The team thoroughly enjoyed your presentations. We have received numerous positive comments. You hit the nail on the head on so many things - from first impressions, to phone and cubicle etiquette, to dealing with rumors - it could not have been more relevant. I know the team will take your suggestions to heart!!

Thank you for making time for us!”

Lisa D. Watson
Director, Patient Financial Services, Memorial Health University Medical Center, Inc.*

"Once again your presentations for our students were wonderful. I believe the students are getting more out of these programs each year. It is a pleasure to have you as part of the Winthrop experience. If I can ever assist you in any way, please let me know."

Tom Injaychock
Director of Career Services, Winthrop University

"Thank you for presenting at the Idaho Hospital Association Auxiliary/Volunteer Leaders Conference. You did such a great job and were so easy to work with."

Toni Pugmire
Director of Education, Idaho Hospital Association

”Thank you for speaking at our business and professional women's meeting. It was the most interactive and informative session we've had all year. Everyone was involved in your topic. Thank you for reminding us to mind our "P's and Q's" at work.”

Rose Palmer
Vice-President, Premier Systems and Training, Inc.

“Here are a few comments from our staff to emphasize how successful you were in helping them to develop professional behavior in business interactions:

My level of comfort is much greater now.
Knowing what to do has boosted my confidence”
I really needed this information.
Fun and Informative session.”

Ruth Roberts
Training Director, Southeast Division of the American Cancer Society

"I was impressed with the pace of your program. You began and ended in a timely fashion and covered all the topics we requested. Your topic and the information you presented are such an important ingredient to success in the healthcare field."

Colleen Phillips
Program Chair, Ohio Society of Directors of Volunteer Service

"Lydia, thank you for your interesting and entertaining presentation for The Southside Book Club. I’ve never heard so many impromptu comments from our members before. They were really “into” what you had to say about your book, “Manners That Sell,” and business etiquette."

Ruth Thorne

I teach classes on 'Business Etiquette' to the management trainees of large international corporations and I have referred to Ms. Ramsey's book quite often when putting together my workbooks for my training sessions. So many etiquette books are large and cumbersome but this book is something I can carry on a plane with me and review before my next class.

I became aware of Ms. Ramsey and her work after she purchased my video, 'American Dining and Entertaining Etiquette; Manners for the Table.' She was also teaching classes on business etiquette and wished to show my video to her students as part of their lesson on 'dining etiquette.' I was honored that she wanted to do this! She then told me about her book which I immediately purchased.

Ms. Ramsey's book is concise, informative and very well organized. Congratulations on a work well done.

Ruth L. Kern

The perfect business etiquette book

This book has it all - Lydia Ramsey describes in clear detail everything important in business etiquette, including how to dress, correspond, converse, dine, conduct meetings, introduce, exchange business cards, leave messages, give gifts, lead, participate in meetings, and enter into the many other interactions that contribute to the image of a business. The reader gains an understanding of good manners in business that bring about confidence, good relationships, and success in business interactions. I especially enjoyed the tips that put others at ease and set the stage for important discussions in business meetings as well as the chapter on doing business internationally. This book will be extremely useful as an etiquette reference book for business leaders as well as for young executives just joining a business. Reading the book gives confidence and lets one move ahead in business interactions, knowing that the best impression has been made and that the most effective atmosphere has been created for the important business discussions to follow.

Rebecca Campen
M.D., J.D. (Boston, MA)

"Ms. Ramsey, I wanted to send you a quick message to thank you for your time today.

I'd like to believe many of the topics you covered are "common sense", but it's always great to get a refresher and to learn a few new things. It's often easy to forget the "little" things that make a difference.

I sincerely appreciate your time and wish you continued success with the TOUR and with growing Manners That Sell. Take care."

Brant Lee
Corporate Marketing, PGA TOUR Headquarters

"Ms. Ramsey's course was insightful and very professionally presented. I learned so much about the impact that etiquette has upon business, and how my interpersonal skills can improve the bottom line. I consider myself a more polished professional after taking her course."

Sandra R. Farray
Training Coordinator, SC Vocational Rehabilitation

“Thank you so much for your presentation on “Courtly Etiquette” during our 2005 U.S. Bankruptcy Court (Eastern District of Virginia) Clerk’s Office Training Conference. The attached comments say it all; you were absolutely superb in your delivery and presence. We all need to be reminded from time to time that manners really count! You touched on areas that we needed to hear and gave realistic suggestions on areas we need to improve on. Your professionalism and easy/comfortable style kept us interested in the topic the entire time.

Again, thanks so much, and if you ever need a reference, please ask them to contact me personally.”

Renee Paxton

“Thank you so much for all the empowering information you shared with us on yesterday. I can't wait to go out for dinner now. My husband and I are going to Jamaica the end of April. I feel ready now. Thanks again.”

Sharnetta Clark-Gordon

“Dear Ms Ramsey: Your article The Top 12 E-Mail Mistakes in the October issue of The Officer is both informative and interesting. While intended for businesspersons, it certainly applies to other e-mailings. In fact I am guilty of a number of the mistakes listed, and I am certainly not a businessperson by any stretch if the imagination, being an 88 year old retired army officer.

I request your permission to copy and e-mail your article to my daughter and granddaughter here in Texas, an old retired friend from Apollo days in California, my retired brother in Seattle and some friends in Houston. They will find the article as useful as I have, and will probably forward it to their friends, both in the business world and elsewhere. It certainly deserves wide readership. Yours Truly,”

Lt Col, AUS (Ret)

"In a fast food world where most of us have more experience eating from bags rather than fine china, the prospect of a formal business dinner can evoke more than a little anxiety! Lydia Ramsey's video "Dining for Profit" is a career-saver!
Business etiquette is probably most notable by its absence. Lydia Ramsey's video "Networking Magic" is perfect for ensuring the impression you make is the polished and professional one you intend to make!"

Lisa Smith Klohn, Ph.D.
Psychological Consultant, SC Disability Determination Services (DDS)

“Thanks so much for speaking to me about etiquette issues around corporate gift-giving. I learned a great deal from our conversation.

The article appears in today's Toronto Star. You can read it online by visiting www.thestar.ca and searching under my name or by visiting the business section of the website.

Thanks again for all of your help.”

Naomi Carniol
The Toronto Star

“Dear Lydia,

Thank you very much for your kind phone call just now. I am so thrilled that you are agreeable to having selections of your content appear occasionally in my upcoming monthly eZine, entitled "The Notice Board: For the Noteworthy Small Business".

As we discussed, the content I choose to use will be appropriately credited to you, and always contain a hotlink to your website for more information.

Thank you for the great service that you provide to the web community. I am so pleased to share your information with those in my business network and subscribers to The Notice Board. They will most assuredly benefit from it.”

Noelle Bonczek
The Bella Mural Company, Inc.

“Lydia Ramsey was just great. I have much to learn on etiquette dining and now have no excuse not to know any better after attending that luncheon. This was enjoyed by all of us in Donor Relations! We even printed out Manner that Sell tips for dining success for us to read and abide by!”

Karen Locey

"I have read an article you published on www.businessknowhow.com on the topic "The top twelve email mistakes that can sabotage your career". Apart from the very informative and great info you provided, I have to say that I literally adore your style of writing. It's amazing, keeps the reader fully attached to the text and it's so fun to read. I am definitely going to check out other things you wrote as well as your book the next time I visit a bookstore.

PS: I am not a writing professional but a simple internet user and I don't usually write such emails to strangers but you are so amazing that I just had to let you know what great impression you make with your text. "

Mirela Smajovic