Rules for the Wireless

Presentation by Lydia Ramsey

Offline Strategies for an Online World

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presenting her seminar on Business Etiquette.

In this world of technology, more and more business communication takes place over the Internet. While meeting with your clients and your co-workers face to face is the most effective means of establishing and building relationships, it is not always possible.  When you can’t be there “in person,” use these cutting-edge courtesies to make a great first impression and grow healthy, profitable relationships with your e-mail etiquette.


  • How to use e-mail to enhance your professional image.
  • Why the subject line of your e-mail is so important.
  • How to address the recipient.
  • Steering clear of flame wars and when you should reply by phone or in person.
  • Why you should complete the “To” field last.
  • How to create a professional signature.

What Clients have to say…

“I was impressed with the pace of your program. You began and ended in a timely fashion and covered all the topics we requested. Your topic and the information you presented are such an important ingredient to success in the healthcare field.”
—Colleen Phillips
Program Chair
Ohio Society of Directors of Volunteer Service

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