Excellence in Etiquette

Excellence in Etiquette Presentation by Lydia Ramsey

How to master the details that open doors…and close deals!

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presenting her seminar on Business Etiquette.

Right now your employees are either smoothing the way to bigger accounts and happier customers…or making it easy for someone else to win over your best clients, biggest accounts and greatest profits.

In the customer’s mind, there is little difference between the products and services from one company to the next.  What makes you stand out are the professional touches—how you and your employees treat your customers. Courtesy, respect, even the way you handle yourself at a business lunch quickly add up to give you the competitive edge or send you out looking for new business. The slightest lapse can cost you money.

This is the business etiquette course you need to outclass and outlast your competition!

Participants will learn to:

  • Use the right “Polish-to-Profits” skills for any business encounter
  • Stand out as the top choice when approaching new prospects
  • Strike the right blend of professional and personal courtesies in every networking situation
  • Build strong relationships in person, over the phone and by e-mail
  • Create loyal customers and repeat business
  • Make the office place environment productive and profitable

This presentation will cover how to:

  • Make powerful first impressions
  • Meet and greet with charm and savvy
  • Handle business introductions with ease
  • Dress appropriately for every business occasion
  • Mix and mingle like a pro
  • Master the art of small talk
  • Use technology to build relationships and eliminate obstacles
  • Build a productive and profitable workplace
  • Make simple courtesies a part of every business encounter

What Clients have to say…

Lydia, “Little things I see and hear throughout the day now make me think of you and the service you provided to our team with your presentation of “Excellence in Etiquette.” Thank you again for your insight, knowledge and the copy of your book, Manners That Sell.” Regards,
–Earl McKoon
Neiman Marcus Group (NMG)
Senior Specialist
Wipro Technologies

Lydia, “It was so good to see you again! The team thoroughly enjoyed your presentations. We have received numerous positive comments. You hit the nail on the head on so many things – from first impressions, to phone and cubicle etiquette, to dealing with rumors – it could not have been more relevant. I know the team will take your suggestions to heart!! Thank you for making time for us!”
–Lisa D. Watson
Director, Patient Financial Services
Memorial Health University Medical Center, Inc.

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